2023 Gifted Prep Fall Intensive Class (K-8th Grade)

We only provide online Zoom classes this year.


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9/2/2023 - 1/31/2024. 20 classes totally, including 10 CogAT classes and 10 IOWA (or STAR) classes. One class per week. 2.5 hours per class. No class from 12/21/2023 - 1/5/2024. We have classes on Thanksgiving.

K-1st Grade: Choose one of the following classes:

Saturday, or Sunday 9:30am – 12:00pm Pacific Time

2nd-8th Grade: Choose one of the following classes:

Saturday, or Sunday, or Wednesday 3:30pm – 6:00pm Pacific Time

What do we do in class

Every student will take 20 classes, including 10 CogAT and 10 IOWA (or STAR) classes. There will be in class tests and homework for each class. Each CogAT class includes 3 tests: Verbal in class test, Nonverbal homework, and Quantitative homework. Each IOWA (or STAR) class includes 4 tests: English and Math in class tests, and English and Math homework. There are totally about 170-200 questions for each class. It takes about 2-3 hours to finish the homework each week.

We plan to do CogAT classes first, then IOWA (or STAR) classes. Currently we don’t know the exact test time for any school district. Once we know the exact test time, we may change the schedule. For example, if your school district’s final test is in November, we will do two classes per week, instead of one class per week. We will finish all classes before the final tests.

For Lake Washington School District students, LWSD did NNAT instead of CogAT last year. We don't know what test they will do this year. We will still prepare for CogAT first because CogAT contents are broader than NNAT. NNAT is very similar to CogAT Nonverbal test. Preparing CogAT Verbal test is helpful for IOWA English test; and CogAT Quantitative test is helpful for IOWA Math test. If LWSD decides to do NNAT this year, we will change CogAT to NNAT.

We do two things in each class: in class test and test review. We try to make in class test like the real test. For K-1 students, all questions will be read by the teacher, and the students won’t see the test questions. Your child needs to be focus on listening the questions. The teacher will only read one time for each question. If your child can’t hear a question clear, just try best guess. We will post the test questions on your account after the class. For grade 2-8 students, they need to finish in class tests by themselves in limited time.

For test review, we will separate students into groups of 6 or less to review their errors from in class tests and previous week’s homework. The teacher will go over every student’s error one by one. If multiple students make the same error, the teach will only review one time.

Tuition and registration fee

$2500 tuition. $50 registration fee. A student has to register all 20 classes. A spot can only be secured after receiving full tuition and registration fee.

Refund policy

A student can quit during the first 3 classes. We will refund the tuition for the unfinished classes based on $125 per class. Registration fee is not refundable. We won’t refund any classes after the first 3 classes. For students who are not qualified to take the final tests, we will give them credit to use for any future classes.

Make-up policy

A student cannot skip any class. If a student cannot take a class, please give us at least one day notice in advance. We will try to schedule make-up class in the same week (new class starts on every Saturday). If a student cannot make up the class in a week, we will give the student test materials and schedule individual class to review the student’s mistakes.


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